Couple Survives 48 Hours in Blizzard Conditions
December 21, 2016
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What is the most important thing to have when camping or surviving in a world without traditional housing? Fire! Knowing how to create a fire is of the utmost importance both in present society and in a society in peril.

One way to to create a quick and easy fire is to use a AA battery and a gum wrapper. Here’s how:


Graphic by Peter Oumanski

  1. Have tinder ready for flames.
  2. Fold the open gum wrapper in half by its width.
  3. Cut the folded wrapper diagonally from its open side to almost next to the edge on the folded side. The cut portion should resemble a thin line with two wide triangles at its end. You want the middle portion to be as thin as possible.
  4. Hold to two ends against the posts on either side of the battery. The middle section of the wrapper will burst into flames, allowing you to light your tinder.

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